Where to sleep in New York?

New York, aka the Big Apple, is a beautiful city that is full of places to discover, visit and live. Also, if you are on this blog, it is because you probably plan to visit New York soon, wherever you think about it. And you’re quite right. One of the first questions that probably comes to mind is “where to sleep in New York? Finding a hotel in New York can be tedious!

Indeed, the city is divided into several districts with different attractions, atmospheres and prices. And it’s not always easy to know which neighbourhood to choose. That is why I am offering you today an article to help you discover your different options in order to make your choice with all the necessary information.

First of all, I invite you to consult my article on the different districts of New York. You will learn a little more about each of these boroughs and their attractions. This will certainly give you an idea of which one would be best for you.

Secondly, I imagine that the price of housing is also a key factor, and that is quite normal. In this article, I will classify the best neighbourhoods according to three budgets: small, medium and large. This will allow you to estimate your New York budget.

Finally, I will give you some advice on how to find the best deals, especially via some very interesting websites. At the end of this article, you should know where to sleep in New York!

Where to sleep in New York: Brooklyn and Queens for small budgets

If your budget is somewhat limited and you don’t have any specific criteria regarding the size, comfort or design of your home, you can find something affordable.

Keep in mind that the further away you are from downtown Manhattan or tourist attractions, the lower the price will be, so the cheapest and most pleasant areas are Brooklyn and Queens, although there are sometimes some good deals in Manhattan.

Brooklyn, for trendy nights

In Brooklyn, just like in Queens, it is possible to find a room for about $100 a night, breakfast included.

Also, Brooklyn is a very pleasant neighbourhood that I have already told you about several times. It is very close to the heart of Manhattan, but will be calmer.

You will find a multitude of things to do while walking around. My favorites? Brooklyn Bridge Park for picnics, and Brooklyn Flea Market, a large hipster market perfect for finding the best memories. Don’t forget (of course) to cross the famous Brooklyn Bridge to reach Manhattan!

And then, in the morning, you’ll have the chance to be near the best pancakes in town, at Five Leaves Greenpoint! For a quick lunch or a few snacks, go to the Smorgasburg market.

Finally, once night falls, you’ll find a multitude of trendy bars in Brooklyn!

I think Brooklyn is my favourite neighbourhood, because of its relaxing atmosphere and the alternative shops that are located there. That said, everyone is different, so let’s continue our list!

If you are staying in Brooklyn, I recommend the Best Western PLUS Prospect Park Hotel located less than 1 minute walk from the subway (R and N lines) and which will take you to downtown Manhattan in less than 20 minutes. It has the additional advantage of offering breakfast for about 120€ per night. A fairly unbeatable rate in New York. Please note that the hotel does not require prepayment and that cancellation is free if you book online.

Queens, the sports district

Queens is also a nice neighborhood to consider if you want to save some money.

And if you are a sportsman, you will be delighted to visit the Mets Stadium, Citi Field, and Flushing Meadows Park, where the US Open takes place. For a cultural and fun side, visit the Museum of Moving Image, ideal for film lovers. It’s also a good plan if you visit New York with children, who will be just as interested as you are!

Finally, Queens is home to the pleasant Rockaway Beach, where you can spend a relaxing day if the weather is fine. However, expect not to be alone: this is the summer refuge of New Yorkers!

In this neighborhood, the Howard Johnson Mayflower Hotel is really very nice. You will enjoy the comfort of the rooms and the superb view of Manhattan. It offers a very soft price in addition since it will cost you about 130€ per night, breakfast included. It is located less than 4 minutes walk from line F, which will allow you to reach Times Square in 15 minutes. An excellent choice!

Where to sleep in New York: Eastside and Lower East Side for average budgets

If your budget is a little more comfortable and you can afford to spend up to $200 per night, then think of the East Village, Lower Manhattan and Williamsburg neighbourhoods in Brooklyn.

SoHo, TriBeCa and the Lower East Side, the pleasant districts

These three small neighbourhoods are equally pleasant. They are ideal if you like shopping and strolling in the streets.

You will discover small local or international creators who have come to settle in the big apple. The architecture combines old and modern, to the delight of the eyes.

These three districts are also very trendy and popular with tourists and locals alike. You will probably meet many people, and don’t forget to book if you want to have dinner there!

In the evening, you will be spoilt for choice at bars and nightclubs, after enjoying a superb dinner in a restaurant.

For having slept there, I strongly recommend the Sheraton Tribeca, a 4* hotel at the very correct price, many of whose rooms offer a breathtaking view of the Empire State Building (remember to ask when you book, it doesn’t cost more). As its name suggests, it is located in the heart of Tribeca and will cost you about 170€ per night.

A room at the Sheraton Tribeca

I strongly recommend it, I have great memories of it. I remember spending long minutes contemplating the illuminated Empire State from my bed. Unforgettable!

Chelsea and Greenwich Village

Chelsea is a very pleasant area not to be missed during your visit! Located west of Manhattan, it offers a multitude of adorable restaurants and shops. The streets are very pleasant, populated by red sandstone houses, as in Brooklyn.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk and eat at the Chelsea Market, and enjoy the view from the Highline. The latter is a green walkway located on what was originally a railway! A 100% New York experience.

Where to sleep in New York when you’re a jazz fan? In Greenwich Village of course! popular and gay friendly neighborhood, this neighborhood with a bohemian and posh spirit will satisfy the most boredom among you! It is considered as the cradle of New York jazz, and of the first gay movements in the city or even the country!

Unique and delicious restaurants, avant-garde boutiques, international brands… You will be spoilt for choice. And if you like to go out in the evening, Greenwich Village is home to most of the city’s trendy nightclubs!

If you are more of a relaxed and jazz person, head to the Blue Note for a musical aperitif, or a brunch show on Sunday morning.

Finally, don’t miss the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street, where you can see Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey’s famous apartment from the Friends series!

Without hesitation I strongly advise you to sleep at the Marlton Hotel, a superb 4* located in a listed monument in the heart of Greenwich Village. Breakfast is included in the price and is very often on special offer on Booking at less than 175€ per night.

Where to sleep in New York: Midtown and the Upper East Side for big budgets

Finally, if you don’t have to worry so much about your budget, enjoy yourself! Choose accommodation in the heart of Manhattan, close to the city’s greatest attractions.

Midtown, the hyperactive district

It is in Midtown that you will certainly find the most things to do in the same area. The area includes Rockefeller Center, where you can climb up to admire the breathtaking view. You will also find Grand Central Terminal Station, Times Square, the huge Macy’s shopping mall, and the Empire State Building.

This makes it the ideal place to stay in New York if you like shopping and are very active. That being said, don’t expect a peaceful neighborhood.

In the evening, take the opportunity to see a comedy on Broadway, a fun and local experience!

My favorite place to sleep in New York? The Hudson Hotel, really beautiful! Superb rooms, luxurious furniture, a pool table and even a library. Did I mention the beautiful roof terrace, where you can enjoy a magnificent view? This is certainly my favorite place to stay in New York! And if you do it in advance, you can find a room for less than 95€ per night! Yes, you read it right!

Central Park and the Upper East Side, residential areas

Further north is the famous Central Park, and the upscale Upper East Side. These well-off residential areas are located close to the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim and the New York Museum of Natural History. The perfect plan if you like cultural itineraries!

It is also in this district that you will find the famous 5th Avenue, where the shopping budget will also have to be substantial.

However, if you like to go out in the evening and the relaxed atmosphere, it is not in this area that you will find your happiness. It is rather the place to sleep in New York for families who want a little peace and quiet after dark.

For these areas, I highly recommend the Franklin Hotel, majestic and very comfortable.

Where to sleep in New York: tips and advice

Go off-peak

If your dates are flexible, why not go off-peak? Because during holidays and school holidays, everything will be much more expensive, including plane tickets and accommodation. The price of housing (and therefore those indicated in the article) can vary by a factor of two depending on the period.

And then, visiting New York during the off-peak period will allow you to enjoy the city’s various surprises while avoiding endless queues!

Think of youth hostels, guesthouses and guest rooms

Hostels and Bed & Breakfast

Also, be aware that there are several alternatives to traditional hotels that will allow you to save money. For example, you can choose to stay in a youth hostel that is part of the Hostelling International network. This will ensure a certain quality of service. And then, youth hostels are the perfect place to meet new people and make friends from all over the world! Count between 30 and 60$ per person for one night in a dormitory.

Then, you also have the options of Bed & Breakfast and private room, more welcoming. This includes breakfast, and will allow you to meet locals. They will probably provide you with some anecdotes and local advice! And the prices are lower than in traditional hotels.

Rooms and apartments of private individuals

Finally, you are probably familiar with the Airbnb website, which consists of renting furnished rooms or apartments run by private individuals. The site also exists in the United States, but its competitor Vrbo is also very popular. So consult both, and make your choice. This will generally allow you to benefit from a kitchen area and to meet premises, if it is a room rental within a dwelling.

I would warn you, however, that Airbnb is very controversial in New York and many landlords do not respect the law and are in violation (which can cause your eviction from housing if checked or reported). It should be noted that since June 2016, New York City has been considering a outright ban on Airbnb, as Berlin has done.

The Wimdu site also offers apartment rentals, this time by professionals.


Finally, there is of course the Couchsurfing option. The latter allows you to stay free of charge with the inhabitants. It’s a great concept, one that frequent travellers love. That said, it often involves spending some time with your host, in order to respect the custom of Couchsurfing. Avoid it if you care about your comfort and privacy.

Book in advance on the internet and watch for the best deals

Enfin, comme pour tout le reste de vos préparatifs pour New York, réservez à l’avance ! Je ne vous le dirai jamais assez. New York est une ville très prisée (et vous comprendrez pourquoi), et ses disponibilités s’envolent vite, en même temps que les prix.Et puis, l’avantage d’internet, c’est que vous pourrez bénéficier de bons plans. Fouillez bien ou informez-vous tout simplement régulièrement sur ce blog. Car oui, je vous partagerai chaque bon plan que je trouverai pour vous rendre à New York dans les meilleures conditions ! N’hésitez pas à consulter la catégorie bons plans du blog donc, vous y trouverez constamment des promotions.En attendant je vous souhaite de trouver où dormir à New York, dans un quartier adapté à l’itinéraire que vous souhaitez suivre. Ceci dit, rassurez-vous, le métro new yorkais dessert très bien toute la ville. Vous n’aurez donc aucun mal à la traverser de part en part très rapidement !